Monday, December 18, 2006

Windows Vista the new ME?

I was discussing the pros and cons of vista when I came across this article

25 Shortcomings Of Vista

Here are my thoughts:

As an IT/IS professional I attended the Windows Vista Launch with the idea of understanding what was new, what was better or as the article says find a "must-have" reason. They failed at that.

In the professional space I couldn't find a single reason why migrate from XP to Vista. Home users may be enticed by the Aero interface but I don't see how that can sell to corporations.

Throughout the different sessions during the Launch, it was obvious that Microsoft was trying to pair all the cool and really usefull new technologies (WPF, WCF, WF, etc) with Vista... the only issue with that is that all those technologies can be run under XP.

I found quite offensive that even when you identify yourself as an administrator, Vista keeps popping up those confirmation windows. I totally agree with locking down accounts to prevent viruses, trojans or unintented changes, but always second guessing an administrator is plain wrong.

Vista is starting to look pretty much like the infamous Windows ME, Just bloat, no meat.