Monday, March 16, 2009

TV and the internet

Integrating widgets into the TV seems like a nice concept, after all, some of our browsing activities are quite passive.

Here is my take on it:

The distinction between TV and computer is one that is quickly disappearing.

You have Home theaters that are PC based, TiVo, Game consoles, etc. which let you have more information than just what's broadcasted.

I can foresee some useful widgets, some of which are already a reality for many of us using HTPC.

A weather widget, Caller ID, chat or video conference widget, RRS News feeds, Personalized stock tickers, calendar and reminder tickers, face book, twitter, web browser.

All controlled with the remote control or wireless keyboard.

People are doing all those things today do while watching TV, even if it is with the black berry, notebook or PDA.

I think that integrated on the TV will be for the "low end" market and Top sets for the "high end" market. You can see that with TVs with integrated VCR/CD players.

Will everybody use them? No.
Will they be useful for people that use them? sure!