Thursday, March 02, 2006

The joy of working on what you really like

It's funny how coincidences happen. Today I was chatting with a coworker wondering why people complain about not liking their job. Latter today I found this post with someone doing exactly that.

What struck me the most was the following quote:

a [IT] career that is stressful, demands never-ending BORING study".

Actually that summed the reason for most of the complains about working in IT but also most of the reasons for enjoying it

We, that like what we do, find studying new things very exciting and rewarding. It actually becomes boring when you don't move on to other technologies.

That aside, with so many different jobs and careers out there, why would someone stay in something that he/she finds unrewarding?

Do what you really love and you won't find it boring. If your circumstances change and you no longer enjoy what you are doing, then move on. The sooner the better. Don't let the inertia kill you.

The post ends with "I've decided to plan an exit strategy to leave the field because I've had enough". Good for him! That is the best thing it can happen to him and to his co-workers and company.

I hope he finds something fulfilling to do.

What about you? Do you like what you do? I know I do.

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