Monday, December 01, 2008

Why hacking the iPhone?

After I read some news about hackers being able to run Linux on an iPhone, I went to read the reader's replies.

I was surprised to see that there were many people asking "why?" as if this was a useless exercise.

For them, here are some answers;

  • Because it is there.

  • Because it was fun for the people that did it

  • Because they may have learned something while doing it

  • Because it proves one of the benefits of an open environment: portability.

  • Because that is how we've gone from scavengers to hunters, to farmers, by trying things that aren't status quo, as futile and useless as they may seem.

Will it have a practical application down the road? who knows, that's not the important news here.

Why do people climb mountains and swim across a channel?

Because that is a challenge that can be conquered

Why is there a "Perimeter institute for theoretical physics" where people research and think about science without a clear application?

Because that's how knowledge is acquired and transmitted. That's how we've evolved.

I'm not expecting those dinosaurs to understand this but I am still surprised that they haven't gone extinct.


Anonymous said...

nicely answered :-)

I couldn't have done better myself.

Anonymous said...

Excellent response

Anonymous said...

I actually could have said it better by using proper spelling and grammar.

Anonymous said...

yeeh yur speling and gramur reely is very terible!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Comparing booting linux on an iphone to climbing a mountain is like comparing writing a five page paper to writing a thesis.

Raul Suarez said...

Thanks for all that the comments, I had fixed the typos right after I wrote it but somehow It failed to save.

Done again.

Now, what about commenting on the content?

Anonymous said...

Picking apart the punctuation and grammar is just a tactic to dismiss something without actually dismissing something. A cheap way to appear the victor of whatever argument is at hand, even if there is no argument at hand. It's the jock mentality with an interest in writing and argument, but has no input of his own so he pretends not to understand whatever doesn't fit his predefined way of seeing anything and everything. They feed off of other people's ideas and thoughts, but when it comes down to their own they are more of an office tool and not much else.

Anonymous said...

'er.... jock mentality? Got beat up a lot in school, I bet.

I agree about the thesis analogy. However, I am not clear as to which side the writing is leaning?

As a "dinosaur"; I still don't get the point. Not why SOMEONE was interested in DOING the act (linux on iphone)... but MORE so; if YOU didn't do the act yourself (as it seems pretty much pointless UNLESS you did it for fun)why are YOU excited about it?????

Not to pick on the poor fat, ugly kid again:

"they feed off of other peoples ideas.."

'Er.... Yea! That's what I said to begin with!

So, ummm... who is feeding on others ideas again?

Unknown said...

I enjoyed your response. Progress on the leading edge is something ill understood by those with no vision.

Anonymous said...

You could summarize the whole article as "we did it to see if we could."

I'm not saying that's a bad reason though ;)

I don't see any typos, it looks like you fixed them. In any case, typos are a nuisance but they are not the end of the world. Anon needs to GET OVER IT and get a life. Oh well, when all people can critique is your grammar, you know your content must be good, eh?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I had to post just because some of these responses are rather ignorant and frustrating.

Linux is free. Mac OS is a HUGE cost of the iphone. So if there would be a free alternative to the Mac OS, it would cut the price significantly, or do you like paying $400 for a crappy phone without cut and paste? And linux on a phone just sounds bad ass. This is just continuing the slow demise of closed and expensive (and sucky?) operating systems. Its the 21st century, wake up.

Anonymous said...

Wow. So many semi colons, so little time.

No, the analogy was lost on you apparently. I wasn't "beat up in school" during my lifetime that I'm aware of, but I frequently encountered this mentality when it comes to grammar, hence the analogy.

You exercised this logic by resorting to personal belittling and dancing around my point.

That's what you said originally? I don't recall seeing anything you wrote until your response. I know, this must have your logic sensors in a bunch, therefore I'm "lying".

Again, dismissed without actually being dismissed. I may as well resort to dropping the f-tard, butthurt, spoonfed, name calling spree.. it makes no difference on this particular mentality which I am, as of now, feeding off of.

What's next, a "parent's basement" BuRn? There is one of you at every blog or forum, with the exact same pompous attitude with a reactionary response to keywords.

As long as you know you've got me pegged.

"er.... jock mentality? Got beat up a lot in school, I bet.

I agree about the thesis analogy. However, I am not clear as to which side the writing is leaning?"

Anonymous said...

It appears mikalg has a history of causing trouble in comments sections all throughout the web.

Yet Mikalg was found defending himself on another thread when it came to someone playing his own game:

"Ignore him. He clearly resorts to immature name calling, bull headed stupidity, and is very obviously still in his "education" phase of life."

::cough-I mean 'Erm....Really?!:::


Sure, it's ten minutes I'll never get back, but at least I'm getting paid.

Unknown said...

Me parece una excelente idea, muchas felicidades, me agrada tu progreso y tenacidad, sólo quiero saber dónde puedo aprender más al respecto