Monday, June 16, 2014

Canadian democracy works

Every time there is an election or there are news about an elected representative you can just expect the bickering and name calling.

"Harper is a $@%& and ruined Canada", "The Liberals are corrupt and have ruined Ontario", etc.
Well, Harper hasn't ruined Canada, the Liberals didn't ruined Canada and haven't ruined Ontario and the NDP hasn't either.

 I may dislike some policies but I think politicians are trying to do the right thing, even though we may differ on the means. I hope the federal election comes soon and we can have a change, but let's stop the partisanship bickering. We all want a better Canada, calling people names won't make it better.

Representatives get elected. I may disagree with the lack of proportional representation but even that was put to a ballot and it didn't pass. Which means that even the fact that you can have a majority without a majority of popular vote was a democratic decision.

 A democracy is resilient. People may make mistakes and things may go bad some times; but we have the power to have alternation . If you think Canada is ruined, then do something to fix it or go somewhere else. When I thought the country I came from was ruined, I left, and came to a place where I feel I can do something about it.

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